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Thread: Can you remotely turn off an EA?

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    Default Can you remotely turn off an EA?

    Here's my Delimma,
    I'm going to the beach this weekend and I want to have my EA running on my home computer. I want to turn it off before the weekend in case I'm not at a good stopping point by the time I leave mid week. I can't just turn off the EA before I head down because, you know, something could happen.
    I just created two accounts on each of my computers. I turned on the EA with my home computer. I logged in with my laptop and could not figure out how to turn the EA off from the "remote" computer.
    Does anyone know how I can deal with this?

    ** also, I do not want to pay for a Virtual Private Server. The idea is still pretty scary to me and I prefer to keep everything between me and my broker.

    ** is there software that I could just log into my computer and control every thing on that computer like I was on it?

    Or does anyone just have a good idea?

    Thank you for your time and thanks for reading this. I hope you have a nice day.


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    Hi Captainpips ,

    I use and it works great and costs around $20 per month.

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    Like Gordo said, or you can host your EA's on a VPS.
    You MUST be an ELITE member to request EA's.

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    Hello Captainpips ,
    You can use RDC (Remote Desktop Connection) .
    Or go to It's Free.

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    Default Thanks for the advice

    I tried out And that totally works... and it's free. You access your computers through a web portal. Everything worked great, and btw. Having a great time at the beach. cheers to you all. take care.

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    Sweet, never knew about logmein before. Thanks.

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