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Thread: Floor Trader EA (Request)

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    Quote Originally Posted by julz View Post
    Hi Funyoo,

    I've been running this one in visual mode to troubleshoot a bit more, overall it's pretty close, the main problem coming from I've I written before !

    For example :

    Level 1 Short :
    - 9 SMA < 20 EMA
    - High[1] < 9MA
    - High > 9MA && High < 20 EMA
    - Entry ( Stop Sell ) : Low[1]
    - TP : last Fractal in the same direction
    - Order expires after 1 Bar
    Is actually wrong !

    it should be :

    Level 1 Short :
    - 9 SMA < 20 EMA
    - High[2] < 9MA
    - High[1] > 9MA && High[1] < 20 EMA
    - Entry ( Stop Sell ) : Low[1]
    - TP : last Fractal in the same direction
    - Order expires after 1 Bar
    Sorry about the confusion, we should basically shift the logic by one bar, the EA is currently opening one bar too early therefore the order expires too quickly, my bad ..

    Oh, Also the 20 MA is EMA (right now it`s set to SMA).
    Hi julz,

    Ok code updated.

    Quote Originally Posted by julz View Post
    To complement this, an other idea would be too add yet an other filter if the candlestick crossing the MA, the decisive candle stick ( the one from the bar before ) is a Doji only. I visually do this when I trade manually, but implementing it would be great . I`ve got no idea how, but I saw a candlestick EA somewhere in the forum, I wonder if we could reuse part of the code to return the CandleStick type and then filter accordingly, and maybe give a few boolean parameters for the EA like : trade Doji, trade Hammer, trade shooting star, etc ..

    Just an idea
    You mean a candlestick filter for the entry ?

    Quote Originally Posted by julz View Post
    I've just realised you've already implemented a Shift variable in your code, discard my comment above ..

    So, playing with the EA it seems to have problems with the TP, it takes profit too early instead of TP at the Fractal, see the screenshot below
    The fractals can repaint, I have added a fractalshift option to determine the first bar to take into consideration.
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    Thanks for the update !

    You mean a candlestick filter for the entry ?
    Yes, it would only take the trade if the decisive candle is of certain pattern ( in particular : Doji )

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    Funyoo, Sorry to be a pain an keep on adding to it, but the more I look at the EA trading automatically , the more I realise that when I trade manually I mentally use more filters and variables

    Stop Loss : Right now I can only find a set amount of pips to set ( maybe I`m not reading the parameters well ? ) . The Stop Loss for a pending Buy should be Low[1], and for a pending sell High[1] .

    Cancel pending order if :
    - For a short : current price > high[1]
    - For a long : current price < low[1]

    Optional filter 1 : For the signal to be valid, Candlestick[1](High-Low) should be smaller than Candletick[2](High-Low)

    Thanks for your help with this !

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    This seems one of few strategies that may actually work with EA as the strategy focuses on the price action and not indicators which always lag price moves and often fail. The challenge lies in appropriate programming of price moves that human eyes would observe and react to. Promising EA, great effort guys!

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    Yep, works manually, just want to be able to step off my screen and have the machine do what I would have done, it`s quite mechanical .
    Let`s wait and see if Funyoo has got time to update the code ...

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    Hello ,

    Just found something else that's a bit odd, it seems to open 2 stop orders it should delete the "old' one keeping only one stop order ever pending .
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    Is it possible to write an indicator to follow the exact rules of this strategy Perhaps with different colored arrows for level 1 and level 2 entries? This system might work well on shorter Times Frames.


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