Check my EA and please add EMA filter
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Thread: Check my EA and please add EMA filter

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    Default Check my EA and please add EMA filter

    Hi there.
    This is expert advisor i use.It has only one problem that it trades in some conditions that may occur loss for trader and that problem can be fixed if we add MA cross filter and adx filter!
    Please check attachments to see the MA cross settings.ALso if you can add ADX filter to avoide ranging market so if ADX value is more than 23 so we have strong movement!

    So we buy if MTF HA showing on 1h & 4h row green+MA cross up+ADX showing up trend and it'S valu > 23.
    We sell if MTF HA showing on 1h and 4h row red+MA cross+ADX showing down trend and its value >23.

    Thanks for helping
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Check my EA and please add EMA filter