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Thread: (Request) SNOWBALL Concept trade managment EA

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    Dear Funyoo and all,

    just came across this interesting trade management EA which I was wondering could be incorporated into any breakout/bounce setup to become a fully automated EA.

    snowballs and the anti-grid (7bit)
    snowballs and the anti-grid @ Forex Factory

    "Trading with this EA basically works like this: You put it onto a chart and have it waiting in stopped mode and as soon as you see a setup (an imminent breakout or a bounce) you start the appropriate mode (long, short or bi) and then monitor the price chart and the profit chart and wait for the best possible exit where you then will actuate the stop button to close all trades. Alternatively you may make use of the stop line as described above to stop it automatically at a certain level."

    Please feel free to suggest any entry/exit setup method to activate this concept. Thanks.
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    Hi Scalpmaster,

    I wanted to request the same until i found your request already.

    This is a nice principle because where the standard martingale grid blows up itself, this concept will win.
    If Funyoo find some time, it would be great to automate this one, and was thinking to enter trades as follows:

    If price is (with a certain minimum distance) above moving average then activate "start long" and when it is below moving average then activate "start short". (Same MA principle like the Cumulative MA EA has.)

    I think we can add this EA to more charts simultaniously and have an exit option "account profit."


    common_functions.mqh -> this goes in the experts\include folder.
    offline_charts.mqh -> this goes in the experts\include folder.
    snowball.mq4 -> this is the EA.

    Many thanks in advance.
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(Request) SNOWBALL Concept trade managment EA