Cumulative MA Hedge EA
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Thread: Cumulative MA Hedge EA

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    Thank you Trint, very usefull table

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    Because pair correlation does not stay the same over time, here is an actual table: Forex Correlation -

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    Hi Funyoo, can I make a small request on this EA?
    Its doing a good job so far scalping for 5 pips between the two pairs, here are the results since start of August:
    As you can see though it only manages to open both trades at the same time about half the time. The other half the time one pair will get a 'trade context busy' error because MT4 is busy opening the first trade (as they are set to open at identical times). I will then have only one position open which gives me no protection if it goes south.
    Can I ask you to add something to this EA to make it try again after a trade context busy error until it has successfully opened both positions? Currently it seems to give up after one failed try.
    If this works correctly I can get us some more accurate results.

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    Or not...
    If anyone does ever find the time to implent the above, there is one other tiny change that I think would be useful:
    If the two trades do fail to find their basket profit percentage during their four hour candle, can all positions exit 5 mins before the end of that candle (I say 5 mins before so it isn't exiting at the same time as opening the next 2 trades and trying to process 4 things at once). I'd rather take the loss than have positions continue over into the next 4 hour block, making it harder for subsequent trades to exit in profit. (this isn't the 'closeall' setting is it?)

    Sorry to keep going on about this EA, but the success rate is phenomenal and it gives 5 garunteed trades a day. I only had my first trade that wasnt resolved within 4 hours last night (technically would have been the first loss if the exit on candle close logic was implemented, and if I wasnt getting all the busy errors which have messed up my data).

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    I haven't time to look at the code at the moment but there is a simple function that protects against Trade context errors...
    "IsTradeContextBusy" is the command... You could also write to a GlobalVariable when the first order is completed then check the GlobalVariable before allowing the second order to be sent. Also the use of sleep(xx) will allow you more time for the trades to happen... I'd think which broker you use would also be very important... a Market Maker may not be your best choice.
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    Thanks for the info Bill, appreciate it.
    Unfortunately I don't know the first thing about codes and commands (yes, I know I should learn) but if anyone can implement Bill's suggestions ...
    Also I found this OrderReliable, um, thing, that might have something to do with this particular situation, but I may be wrong.

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    hello, I'm trying this strategy that I consider very interesting, however, using this and I Sulo open positions on USD / CAD while the other pair AUD / USD trades does not, why? I have done something wrong? tell me with what parameters and use this? Thank you.

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    Fabris, I think you're having the same problem as me. See my posts and check your log for errors. Cycletrader is currently able to use this Ea without problems. May be broker specific.

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    Although it trades ok in general, today i indeed recognized the same "trade context is busy" message in both the Journal and Experts tab, see below screenshots.
    If time permits, perhaps Funyoo can correct the EA.

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