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    Hi funyoo,

    After a long time i am again requesting you to kindly plz take out your precious time to code the stoploss in this version of Ilan (which u modified earlier). I like this version and used it in live account too. But sometimes when markets move long direction it blows cause the stoploss is not working when set to certain level as well as it doesn't show in MT4 platform too.
    I would also appreciate if you add Hide TP and SL, although the stoploss is already not showing due to some code error ;-)

    I know there is already another Ilan version in this forum section with Hide SL & TF, but in that too stoplosss doesnt seem to work.

    But anyway i want this version only to be coded by you. I will be greatfull to you...

    Best regards and thanks in advance.
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Ilan - Need Stoploss