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    I have been trading manually for a few years now and backtesting my own strategies using the free EA builder template here: Expert Advisor Builder for MetaTrader 4 However this builder is very simple and for backtesting only.

    I want to find a good MQL template such as Funyoo's EAs to port all my signals to so I'm happy to share these with the private forum users.

    Backtesting results from 2005-2010: http://www.tradingsystemforex.com/at...0&d=1279852804

    I've attached a template and set file for my kicker strategy on the AUDJPY pair (.set file is for a 5 digit broker). It produces decent results from 2005-2010 with current settings in backtesting. It is currently only optimised for long positions.

    The Strategy

    This is a simple low win rate, high profit system design to capture trends on the M30 chart. The entry is based on the kicker candestick pattern. I would like to investigate other possible exits for this strategy also such as BE and maybe an MA close to try and lock in some lost profit.

    initial deposit: 10,000
    lots: 1
    Entry: kicker candle formation on audjpy M30. ( Kicker Signal - Article for trading the Kicker Candlestick Signal )

    Stoploss: 30 pips
    Takeprofit: 350 pips
    Trailing stop: 205 pips

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    Hi ,

    Here is a new version. How would the ma close option work ?

    The issue with the backtesting is due to a hole in the history data.

    Metaquotes will not update anymore the MT4 history data. We have to work with another data (FXDD for example). We should aslo maybe think to move to MT5.
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    Thanks Funyoo, great work.

    I'll have to look into possible close options, however I'm not totally sold on this strategy yet.

    Yeah the mt4 data has a hole where it bugs a bit in backtesting. I usually test all my strats with mt4 data (tested in years) and then re-optimise it for the brokers data (a seperate install of mt4).

    I think creating an MT5 template is a great idea, however I'm not sure how many brokers actually support MT5 at this stage. I think its worth thinking about now so that we can port our work to MT5 when the time comes.

    I have attached the current set file for kicker_AUDJPY_m30_01.1.mq4 it has much less draw-down now. I optimise in 'open prices mode' since most of my strategys rely on opening orders after last candle close.
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(Request) Kicker EA