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    HI Funyoo you are the great guy

    i have good idea for this expert Money-Grid_V4_Non_Hedge_FULL

    it is work good in trade but still need something that will make it good to work by it self
    becuase it is work good when you open your eays to the ternd

    it is work only in one side . it start to open sell order and if you want to make it BUY order you have to change it from inside manual
    so what we need is to make it work by it self and let it to take buy and and sell in that case if the trend in 1Day up and the trend in 4H up so the expert open and start trade by BUY and if the ternd in 1Day up and the trend in 4H down the expert not open any position
    just only if the trend for 1 Day= 4 H
    You can Funyoo add the best indicators for trend that you see it is the best

    and you add another option that is if the trend change from direction to another direction in the pivot
    the expert close all positions and you make this choice True and False because it may uses some time
    also we need to add the MM the money management for the expert

    also we need to add time management

    and if you code that let the expert not trade in the last month in the year that will be great
    and not let start in the first month in the first year it can start in 16 in the first month
    if you add this code that will be good for it to make back test for 10 years

    and anything that you think it will make it great you can add my friend

    You are the best on and guy that i learn from him

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    i am witting Funyoo gold hand

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    Hi rn2010,

    Unfortunately it is a commercial EA. I can't work on it. Attachments removed.

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