I am new here and Sorry for my bad English, i am from old east germany i learned
Russian in school but no english. my english is all self-taught an google helps

I uploaded a picture. A picture is worth a thousand words.

I have read of this system and it should run on a time frame of 1min. Problem are the low spread and the rapid price change in 1 min time frame . I would like to have an EA or Indicator of at least 5 min or higher in the time frame runs. The yellow line is an MA (Period: 18 / MA Method: Simple / Shift: 0 / Apply to: Close) and the Blue Line is an MA (Period: 3 / MA Method: Exponential (better: Smoothed) / Apply to: Close).
As a filter, I have an RSI. The rules are: crosses the blue line from underneath the yellow and RSI is around 50 (from bottom to top) then BUY. Crosses the blue line from above the yellow line down and the RSI is 50 (from top to bottom) then SELL.

I have tried some with the "Forex Strategy Builder" and made "Forex 4you" produced postive results. When results "FxOpen" bad. The Forex Strategy Builder is a bit inflexible when it comes to automatic SL TP and the crosses of MA's are either a candle or the RSI is opened on a later 50 as the MA crosses and got in is gone. Thus, many former simply been omitted which would be run manually postive. What filter would you still use?

Problem is the exit and the place to which it varies only minimally to de yellow line. An idea: an indicator of the exit to the place which recognizes the take maximum profit. Idea two: a good TP / SL strategy. third idea would be an automatic SL and an automatic elevating subsequently arrive TP

Any idea??