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    Default Little Grid Ea

    Dear funyoo,
    i love your forum and i am new..
    could you made the following grid ea for me? .....
    1. only two bending order for the current price that 2 pip BUY STOP AND 2 pip SELL STOP
    2. Take profit of 2pip for both order which make the total grid width is 8 pips.
    3. When one bending order trigger at that same time ea should gently increase only one of the
    opposite bending order for the same price which try to to get minimum
    profit of 2 pip always and continues...
    4. Grid width will be 8 pips always and should not increase any time..
    5. orders no need stop loss..
    6. even the dead choppy condition 8 pips Grid Width will not be the big problem to i think..

    i am sorry for my bad english
    i am very thank ful to you if you made this Ea for me
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    Send me your EA request to my personal mail at and I will see what I can do.


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Little Grid Ea