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    We're seeing a possible reversal in equities. Looks like we put in a triple bottom on Sp500 so we could rally to 1080-1100 area. Eurjpy should rally nicely (short dollar all around). We'll get a breakout and a signal on H4 here over the next few days.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zalinarashid View Post
    Dear Funyoo

    Suddenly this message appear at journal?

    2010.08.25 07:46:34 W_RVIM-Appaloosa EURUSD,H1: unknown subwindow number -1 for ObjectCreate function
    Quote Originally Posted by zalinarashid View Post
    Dear Funyoo.

    My one still not working. No order made . I used IBFX mini , ?

    refer attachment for my set .

    Indicator already working.
    WRVM Apalloosa
    WRVM Apalloosa alert.

    At Jurnal

    2010.08.25 17:26:11 W_RVIM-Appaloosa GBPUSD,H4: unknown subwindow number -1 for ObjectCreate function
    Quote Originally Posted by 4x4me View Post
    I am getting this message when I ran EA on Citifx.

    Also, is this EA can run on currencies that has different symbol name? i.e. EURUSDcti or EURUSD_fxt, etc.

    Note: just tried on Tadawul account and same error.
    Hi zalinarashid and 4x4me,

    Try the attached indicator.

    Rsxfilter option added.

    Quote Originally Posted by madscalp View Post
    Many thx funyoo
    First trade this morning GMT with Appaloosa System EA and target 4 %.
    Maybe an option StopTradingAfterTarget in next version.
    Some thoughts for the community :
    1/ you can adapt lots and target at your risk management
    2/ in this trade I chose H4 for signal and H1 to confirm : it's safer
    Hi madscalp,

    Stoptradingaftertarget option added.

    Quote Originally Posted by matrix View Post
    Funyoo, thanks for the indi, but could you take a look at the alert function, I'm not sure it's working. I'm not getting any pop-up alerts

    Madscalp, thanks for sharing your ideas, keep them coming
    Hi matrix,

    You need the original indicator to make it work. When you attach it on the chart, you should get arrows. If they appear, you should also get the wanted alerts.

    Quote Originally Posted by 4x4me View Post
    Thank you. I am wondering if risk management should be worked out for this strategy. Since we are targetting % profit based on the balance, it would make difference what lot size that you are trading. Don't you think?
    Also, currently, this doesn't have any way to stop trading if trade goes against it, so how do you handle it? Unlike correlation trading, if signal turns, it could really go badly on us, I think.

    Funyoo, please take a look at the indicator and EA to resolve the issue with error message. Looking forward to forward test since back testing may not be possible for basket order strategy. Also, would you please let me know if EA will work on currencies has extra name will work ? i.e. EURUSDcti or EURUSD_fxt
    You just need to modify the pairs names in the settings.

    Mm option added.

    Quote Originally Posted by madscalp View Post
    Yes you're right.
    There is a risk that the trade be against us.
    So we need a crash option to cut the trades if the trade is bad depending the negative equity.
    IMO if the target is 2 % the crash option must be double...4 %
    Losspercent option added.

    Quote Originally Posted by 4x4me View Post
    I thought so at the beginning. But, today, every pairs opened all "long" at the exact same time. I thought it seems odd, especially E/U and U/C is pretty much moves in opposite.. That's why I questioned. Any case, thanks for the verification and I will keep testing. New account started today and when I put on EA and now, it is total 3% net gain and 0.5% DD. I'll keep you post it.
    Thanks again!
    The indicators depends on the six pairs, whatever is the chart on which you drag it, you will get the same curve. The signal is valid for the different symbols.

    Quote Originally Posted by matrix View Post
    Madscalp, do you think it would be safer to just take one basket per bar?

    The ea is opening another basket after the previous one closes if it still in the same time bar. So this morning on H1, I've had 3 sell baskets open on the same H1 bar and the 3rd basket is not closed yet and in DD. I think it would be better and safer if the ea only took one basket per bar, Funyoo could you add the option to do this?
    Onebasketperbar option added.

    Quote Originally Posted by jamestan1978 View Post
    sorry does this EA trade only at asian session?
    Hi jamestan1978,

    No. Time filter option added.

    Quote Originally Posted by 4x4me View Post
    Question to Funyoo or someone who knows the answer... please help me understand this.
    1) If I want to change the currency basket list, do I need to change it on EA and Indicator both? or just EA will do?
    2) If I want to change the settings, like level from 0.09 to 0.05, do I need to change in EA and also Indicator?
    I guess what I am asking is, do Indicator and EA's settings need to be match or whatever changes that i made in EA will take effect?
    1) & 2) EA only.

    Quote Originally Posted by jamestan1978 View Post
    THanks cycletrader for clearing up. I also notice the original system has 30pips stoploss for each pair and its hit it will open up and opposite trade and stoploss is place at where the original entry is. Will Funyoo be adding this?
    Also not sure if i am right, Metacoder from FF has created a series of EA based on this at
    Forex Factory - View Single Post - Six-pair "Looser" Strategy EA Discussion

    BUT DO NOTE that the entry criteria may not set at 0.09 and -0.09 so it would be less accurate entry
    Stoploss option added.

    Quote Originally Posted by getting View Post
    bool countdown=false; // close the trades if we don't reach our target countdownminutes before the end of the bar
    int countdownminutes=5;

    the function above is good for closing trades (1hr TF) at :55 after the hour?
    or can I put in 180 if I want to close trades after 3hr; you can do this with MPTM Trade expiry settings.
    Some of madscalp didn't open at top of the hour.
    Hi getting,

    Option externalized, ranamed (timeout). The trades are closed "timeoutminutes" minutes after the first trades of the current basket.

    Quote Originally Posted by getting View Post
    please add option to filter EA to only trade basket just once, when crosses .09 or -.09
    and your standard time filter, and MM by risk

    anyone know how not to trade USDCAD? I put 0 in Lots5, but don't think it correlate with Pair5
    Remove the symbol name and the EA will ignore the pair.

    Quote Originally Posted by 626mx View Post
    Can you add the commission into the total take profit? It appears to exclude the commission now.
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    Hi 626mx,

    Order commission included in profit calculation.
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    thanks Funyoo.

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    Thanks Funyoo !!

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    Thank you Funyoo

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    Thank you funoyo,

    friends what set file are we using with this EA

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    Thanks funyoo looks like we have a fully featured package to play with now.
    Incidently I have my first trade on h4 going on now. Based on my lot sizes, it moved to about 3% (or 35 pips) before falling away. Could turn into a potential loser from here. We'll soon see.

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    H4 has to giv some time... but it doesnt look quite good on the indy though

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    There was a strong signal BUY at 4:00 GMT on H4.
    Easy to take 4 %.
    Unfortunately yesterday I took a bad signal on H1 and I saw an ugly negative floating.
    Happily it's all right now.
    Conclusion: it's safer to work in H4.

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