Hello excused my English, are not new of the forum but I have mailed to us little It has come to me un' idea for a EA watching as Cobra 1.EA that I have found in an other forum. I will make hard work makes to understand me because of the forex I have only a great passion (unfortunately) would appeal to know to me to program because I have many ideas but all are stopped them. I explain to you l' EA that I would want someone of you succeeded to realize. In order to understand it from I explain as it you will have to thus see it to you on the diagram I will explain as it. Then, we put that we are operating on eurgbp H1 price to 0,8219. 1 - L' EA would have to place an order buy stop with lots 0.01 to 0,8224 with TP and new buy a stop to 0,8229 where, to 0,8229 it will place also a sell limit with lots 0,01. (practically opening to 0,8224 l' EA will place to 0,8229 the TP in order to close l' operation, an order buy stop and an order sell limit) Fine OK there are seems me here. but the point does not end here, siccome the trend could come down and not go up, l' EA public square at the same time an order sell stop with lots 0.01 to 0,8214 with TP and new sell a stop to 0,8209, where to 0,8209 it will place also a buy limit with lots 0,01.Praticamente as mentioned above only that for the trend to the decrease. And here point 1 ends. We suppose that the trend or in climb, it comes taken buy the stop to 0,8224 and suppose to go to TP to 0,8229 and will release also l' order of sell limit to 0,8229 of 0,01 lots. Well continuing to go up in the same moment that takes the TP and takes the sell limit ago to leave l' order of buy stop to 0,8234 with TP always to 0,8234 that will be the closing dell' opened order to 0,8229 and a sell limit with lots to always 0,02 0,8234.Praticamente l' idea is that which to the attainment of a TP, opens a position and sets up an order in (trend buy in this case) with also a sell limit, but the sell we make limit it to always increase of 0,01. When the trend it inverts, sure it can have taken buy a stop that will not have gone to TP but ours sell limit that they will have arrived we suppose to lots 0,06 will make us to recover during the reduction, than naturally will have to be carried out in the same way (see point 1 trend that it could come down). L' EA will have to come down thus setting up orders like to fact with the trend in climb, with the advantage that avra already of the orders, the sell limit taken previously. to the third TP caught up with l' reversal of the trend could thus cancel buy the stop remained open and never gone in TP and via. I hope you have understood. I know that they are a disaster but you ask if not succeeded to understand some passage.