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    Default Pending Order - Semi Auto

    Dear Funyoo

    Could you please make EA like this - Horizontal line pending order.

    1. Open 2 pending Order =========== + 5 pips and - 5 pips = 10 pips different.
    2. It will trigger once - Above Buy and below Sell order
    3. If crossing below Closed Buy Open Sell
    4. If crossing above Closed Sell Open Buy. (Continuously - YOYO will be losses.)
    Same as opposite close but it will open change Buy to sell and sell to buy.
    5: Lot : Can used For 4 and 5 digits.

    This is for weekly thread. and profit consider on next week monday morning, Profit consider by a new weekly open market prices minus the losses of occurrences candlestick repeating crossing of the two lines - . Please make it available to open order at any time,
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    Dear Funyoo

    Which Ea that I can refer similar with this

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    Dear Funyoo

    Can I get this EA ,

    Thank you

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Pending Order - Semi Auto