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Thread: REQ: PLEASE HELP ME TO ADD 4-digit and 5-digit broker compatible and ECN Broker

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    Default REQ: PLEASE HELP ME TO ADD 4-digit and 5-digit broker compatible and ECN Broker

    Dear Funyoo,

    I just got this interesting EA from my friend. This EA works well on 4-digit broker.

    Now, I wish to ask you to add :

    1. 4-digit and 5-digit broker compatible function automatically.

    2. ECN and Non-ECN Brokers compatible automatically.

    3. Breakeven Gain and Breakeven function

    4. Magic no.

    This EA is used on Eurusd.

    Attached is the EA. This EA was given for testing free by owner of Free download /

    Thanks a lot
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    What time frame? I just put added a 0 to the stop and the profit and now I can backtest it. Was this the problem you had? Or you could backtest it but not trade with it? I also have 5 digit broker.

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    Timeframe is not an issue. What I need is that this EA should work automatically on 4-digit and 5-digit brokers, and compatible to ECN and Non-ECN brokers automatically. Also, I need to have a Magic no. into this EA, and a Breakeven Gain, Breakeven function as well.

    Did I say that this EA can not work? or can not be back-tested? You should read my requests above, and you see why you needed to add a new "0" on your 5-digit broker.

    Funyoo, please kindly help me to add these options into this EA soon when you have free time.

    James Phuc

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