Hi Funyoo
Theres a very profitable strategy based on Big numbers but no EA is written.. Is it possible for Funyoo to write an EA based on below...
(a thread can be found at FF, not sure if i can link it here..)
Every time the price crosses X.XX50 the EA will check the account balance and determine the lot size based on the account balance and user defined risk%, then it will place limit orders above at X.XX85 and X.XX15 below with a user defined SL, and TP set at X.XX00, so whichever way the price goes it will initiate a trade 15 pips from the big number with the TP set at the big number. It has to work with both 4 and 5 digit brokers and standard and micro accounts. If possible could you make it work on up to 3 user defined pairs from one window and have a user defined limit of how many trades can be open at the same time with no conflicts if I attach it to several charts(maybe a different magic number for each pair). The reason for this is I would like access to more trading opportunities while limiting the number of open trades which canít be done if EA is attached to one chart for each pair, and I also would like the option to trade more than 3 pairs when my account allows . The user defined variable defaults would be:

5 digit broker- true/false(unless it could be done automatically)
SL in pips- 35
Risk management- true/ false(true default)
Risk %per trade- 15 (initiates maximum allowed trade using 15% of the account balance)
Lot size- .1 (used only if risk management is false)
Max trades- 2
Number of pairs to trade- 1,2 or 3
Pair 1 - EUR/USD (list of pairs to choose from)
Pair 2 - GBP/USD
Pair 3 Ė USD/JPY