How Start Merketing for MyEA?
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Thread: How Start Merketing for MyEA?

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    Default How Start Merketing for MyEA?

    Dear Sirs,
    I am developing Expert Advisors and want start marketing & advertising for selling my EAs. i want know anybody have any experience for this item.
    For example how design website, which content and how add that, which price, how start marketing and write in forums, email listing and all useful information for that.
    If anybody can help me please contact me.

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    Do you have ea's which are worth selling, or are you out there to sell people empty promises?

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    Dear sirs,
    Worth EA. It has promising results.

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    You can start with posting your live acc result. By mt4 pasword investor. So we can jugde. It s kind scam ea or not.

    or you can share like this
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    Hi Rezame,

    You can post your EA on a live account (even a mini live account of 300 - 500usd) on and post the link here for everyone to view and follow to see how it will perform after 1 month or 2 months.

    People will check its' performance in terms of net profit gain, max drawdown, relative drawdown, winning trade % versus losing trade %, etc.

    An EA even forward-tested on a demo account may not make people interested because we all know that the price data feed and spreads, etc on demo account and live account are quite different.

    If you can prove your EA is a winner, of course, we will show interests in buying it. I am also interested in forward-testing your EA. My email is: . We can discuss with each other on other things if you would like to exchange ideas with me, please send email to me.

    Hope you can have some ideas now.


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How Start Merketing for MyEA?