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Thread: magic number function missing

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    Default magic number function missing

    Funyoo, or someone;
    please add magic number function to this EA
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    Quote Originally Posted by getting View Post
    Funyoo, or someone;
    please add magic number function to this EA

    here we go, add this to your ea.

    extern int Magic=666;//|-------------------------- Number used by EA to identify orders placed by itself and manage them.
    extern bool AutoMagic=true;

    int init()
    if(Symbol()=="AUDCADm" || Symbol()=="AUDCAD")Magic=66601;
    if(Symbol()=="AUDCHFm" || Symbol()=="AUDCHF")Magic=66602;
    if(Symbol()=="AUDJPYm" || Symbol()=="AUDJPY")Magic=66603;
    if(Symbol()=="AUDNZDm" || Symbol()=="AUDNZD")Magic=66604;
    if(Symbol()=="AUDUSDm" || Symbol()=="AUDUSD")Magic=66605;
    if(Symbol()=="CADCHFm" || Symbol()=="CADCHF")Magic=66606;
    if(Symbol()=="CADJPYm" || Symbol()=="CADJPY")Magic=66607;
    if(Symbol()=="CHFJPYm" || Symbol()=="CHFJPY")Magic=66608;
    if(Symbol()=="EURAUDm" || Symbol()=="EURAUD")Magic=66609;
    if(Symbol()=="EURCADm" || Symbol()=="EURCAD")Magic=66610;
    if(Symbol()=="EURCHFm" || Symbol()=="EURCHF")Magic=66611;
    if(Symbol()=="EURGBPm" || Symbol()=="EURGBP")Magic=66612;
    if(Symbol()=="EURJPYm" || Symbol()=="EURJPY")Magic=66613;
    if(Symbol()=="EURNZDm" || Symbol()=="EURNZD")Magic=66614;
    if(Symbol()=="EURUSDm" || Symbol()=="EURUSD")Magic=66615;
    if(Symbol()=="GBPAUDm" || Symbol()=="GBPAUD")Magic=66616;
    if(Symbol()=="GBPCADm" || Symbol()=="GBPCAD")Magic=66617;
    if(Symbol()=="GBPCHFm" || Symbol()=="GBPCHF")Magic=66618;
    if(Symbol()=="GBPJPYm" || Symbol()=="GBPJPY")Magic=66619;
    if(Symbol()=="GBPNZDm" || Symbol()=="GBPNZD")Magic=66620;
    if(Symbol()=="GBPUSDm" || Symbol()=="GBPUSD")Magic=66621;
    if(Symbol()=="NZDCADm" || Symbol()=="NZDCAD")Magic=66622;
    if(Symbol()=="NZDCHFm" || Symbol()=="NZDCHF")Magic=66623;
    if(Symbol()=="NZDJPYm" || Symbol()=="NZDJPY")Magic=66624;
    if(Symbol()=="NZDUSDm" || Symbol()=="NZDUSD")Magic=66625;
    if(Symbol()=="USDCADm" || Symbol()=="USDCAD")Magic=66626;
    if(Symbol()=="USDCHFm" || Symbol()=="USDCHF")Magic=66627;
    if(Symbol()=="USDJPYm" || Symbol()=="USDJPY")Magic=66628;
    if(Symbol()=="USDSGDm" || Symbol()=="USDSGD")Magic=66629;
    if(Symbol()=="SGDJPYm" || Symbol()=="SGDJPY")Magic=66630;
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    IXbone - Thank You!
    I'm forward testing this EA in conjunction with multipurpose trade manager - expiry of 210 minutes is my main focus, I've try ManageByTradeComment, which didn't work, but with magicNumber should work in conjunction with expiry function.
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magic number function missing