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Thread: REQUESTED EA : Based on SynergyIND / Supertrend MTF Bars

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    Quote Originally Posted by voivod View Post
    hi 4x4me
    thanks for reply but I still have the same problem, no colors of the supertrend in the window
    I tried to reinstall all the files in your attach post but no colors (yes arrows in the chart)
    I tried to attach only the supertrend in a new chart, not using the templates, the supertrend appears in the window but again with no colors
    I use mt4 build 226 (not 228)
    if I'm the only one with this problem, i think that the problem is my pc
    thanks again
    sorry to hear it. Did you try on different broker's platform?

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    hi all
    I think that I can post the follow in this tread :
    I did not know this strategy and the original one till today
    the original strategy seems profitable as this version
    take a look at the attacment (original version)
    it explains even the exit rules
    I'm still studying the difference between the original and the version explained in this thread
    before asking to funyoo to make an ea, i wuold like to understand the better way to make it profitable with yours opinions
    I prefer to use it in 5m time frame
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