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    Is is possible to take the BB_MACD_CCT_alerts_v2 indicator and turn it into an EA for any currency pair and in any time period? Where Buy and Sell is executed on the close of the candlestick? or has someone already made this into an EA?

    Can someone point me in the right direction? I would like to back test this as an ea. Here would be the specs

    1. The EA initiate a buy or sell based on the color of the candlestick red= sell and blue = buy.

    2. Once an order is in place the ea would not initiate another order until a change in the candlestick color or the user places a stop loss on the order ( a parameter default is none but the user can change in the settings )

    3. The user would need to be able to adjust the following settings:
    Fast Len default is 144
    Slow Len default is 233
    Length default is 21
    StDiv default is 1.1
    UseAlert default is true

    Lot Size default is 0.1
    Stop Loss default is none
    Order Initiation default is candlestick close

    Basically, it is taking the BB_MACD_CCT_alerts_v2 indicator and adding the last 3 values and making it an EA and not a indicator.

    This has exciting possibilities!

    Please point me in the right direction.


    (Indicator is attached for all you programmers out there)
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Bb_macd_cct_alerts_v2 EA