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    Hi Monsieur Funyoo,

    I realize this is a fairly old ea... by your standards... but I have been trading renko for years almost exclusively... I just found this thread and am doing some experimenting... My first observation, is that if you place the ea on a 1min chart (any pair) (porog 20) you will see that it is closing trades prior to opposite signal ie prior to 4 closed bricks (of the underlying 1min chart). Can you fix this and then I will test further? Also, when I place this ea on my offline m2 renko chart it does not function properly... it would be nice if it did and it placed trades on the close of an underlying m2 renko.


    Mr Funyoo,

    Here is the mq4 ea for offline m2 renko if you do not have it... simple place renkolive ea on 1min chart... then open offline m2 chart. For testing you may want to make renkolive brick small. To see how your ea functions on m2 offline chart ie on bar close.

    Please see additional pics, examples and comments I posted here:

    Renko Charts Trader
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    Here is an example, the ea should not of closed this short trade... 4 up bricks never formed on a 1 min close... btw imho for those not experienced with renko... trading bricks prior to underlying bar close is FUTILE.

    You're the best

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    Here is an example of H1 usdcad where we had a H1 close with 4 up bricks and the ea did not open a trade... Ok, sorry I think this enough examples

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