Problems with programming EAs
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    Default Problems with programming EAs

    Hi Funyoo,

    real great job you are doing here. I have some Problems with programming EA and hope you could help me. Inspired by an other thread I programmed the following Indicator based on TudorGirl / Turbo JRSX. My Problem is that my EA does not Buy and Sell the Signals from the Indicator "immediately". Often it buys too late and sells too early(see following picture) . In some cases it buys even there ist no Signal. I think it is because of recalculating the Indicator. How do you handle the Problem of recalculating Indicators?

    Just to proof if your EA behaves like mine - and your EAs have lot more features then mine - could you be so patient and make an EA of the following Indicators? (At the moment I do not get along with your template)

    Indicator: AG_EA_06_SIG
    Entry Buy: Buffer[1]=1
    Exit Buy: Buffer[2]=-2 (Buffer 2!)
    Entry Sell: Buffer[1]=-1
    Exit Sell: Buffer[3]=-2 (Buffer 3!)

    Thank you for your help!

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Problems with programming EAs