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    Funyoo Hi, first thank you for your hard work, second you appreciate review the functions Partialclose and Partialexit ( Takeprofit partial), since the tests I'm doing are many errors in the Journal:

    OrdeClose error 4051
    Invalid lots number for OrderClose function

    EA - Xbars MA Scalper version 1.10

    Thanks in advance


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    Hi Funyoo :

    Im working with Lordorly for a lot of hours is this XBar strategy. We are making great improvements and results but there are some internal problems.

    The first one is the error 4051 as told by Lordorly.
    Im sending you a very interesting screenshot. It has been taken while running the backtest AT A VERY LOW SPEED to simulate real trading conditions. Just after the tick which triggered the partial close.
    As you see , immediately AFTER the partial close is achieved ( this time it did it !!!) the messages are appearing.
    The question is about what trade they are speaking ? About the new trade which will be generated in the position of the first one but with the half position ?

    In the reality the messages are appearing all around.
    The second topic is about the fact that with MM False it always trigger the Partial Close. With MM True sometimes yes and sometimes not.
    At the beginning I was thinking it was in the relation with the number of bars in between the first trade and its partial close but now I realize its not.

    The truth its that in our extensive test the results of allowing a full correct Partial close improve the final result in all the aspects.

    The objective of our work is to have a good strategy for the EURUSD only ( maybe later other pairs)
    making money in 2009 and 2010 and with a very nice DD.

    Also I wonder what the function of PartialExit and Partial close as it looks that partial close is doing everything and not partial exit.

    MAy you help us ??


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Question Funyoo, apropos of TPpartial