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    Thank you very much

    you really great

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    It's my first contribution to this forum.

    I need an EA like this
    To open operations and SellStop BuyStop. at the beginning of each candle.
    Although they have installed in 15m is the graph where I work, open the orders referred to the time chart 1H.
    Only open every hour operations.
    If a candle down I open a sales operation 20 seconds before starting the new wing.
    If I open a sail up a sales operation 20 seconds before the end of the candle Time.
    Have a filter height of the candle, configurable by external parameters, to prevent the open sale order if the sail size is small.
    Or even I'm thinking you can do if the candle filter is very large, and is near a possible investment, news event, for example.
    Each time, open up an operation or Sell Stop BuyStop contrary to what has already been opened, referring to the opposite end of the sail.
    If you previously opened an operation that was buying up a candle, then place an order Minimum SellStop in sailing time.
    There ready to help if the price drops.
    If you previously opened a sales operation that was a candle down, then place an order BuyStop in Time High of sailing.
    A configurable external parameter to adjust the time of cancellation.
    The candle filter size does not affect orders SellStop BuyStop and are created every hour non-stop, 24 hours a day.
    This system is profitable with a trailing stop and management position automatically will prevent us having lost a winning operation
    Takeprofit stoploss and externally configurable.
    They can also have different TakeProfit depending on the time of day.
    Largest in the European and American session, lower in the Asian.
    I leave it up to you improve the program with some added control and Takeprofit Stoploss calculation of other procedures.

    The operation for the start of the new day of sessions, to avoid Swap, is made few minutes after logon, when spreads have also fallen.

    Would help greatly to see a message on the screen and sound, although I have no speakers on the computer trade, but they serve others.
    A few minutes earlier so we can disable operation to open the sale or purchase (market operations). SellStop Buystop operations and is not necessary to disable it in advance that the price being far we have time to remove them.

    Also according to criteria of other people can have this kind of trade off several hours a day in periods of less movement.
    With an external parameter can disable it. Only disables the creation of market operations, but not close open operations that follow its progress.

    From now on if I'm going to have a percentage of my business with EA, to complement my manual operations.

    I think this is a good idea, I've tried manually in multiple currencies and is profitable.

    Do you could have only one window installed AD and I opened operations in 1H chart in other currency pairs?

    I congratulate you on the good work you are doing.

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