End of the year, forex tax?
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Thread: End of the year, forex tax?

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    Default End of the year, forex tax?

    hi all
    end of the year
    i'm out of trading (in my opinion too hazardous trading during this period of the year)
    i thank funyoo and all the members of the elite section, next year i will stay here again
    gread administrator and great members, very thanks again
    and now, forex tax?
    I'm in profit using funyoo eas, starting with not elite section at the begining of the year and now in elite section
    have I to pay tax of the capital gain?
    I think that this is a problem that other people of the elite section certainly have
    than i would like to share yours experiences, if it's possible
    before this year i didn't have this problem because (I live in italy and use an outside broker) the italian legislation was very vague and inexperienced about this kind of tax, but this year it make a law: 12,5% of the capital gain, and it introduced more restrictions and control on international movement of capital
    what should I do? declare and pay?

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    Dear friend

    Can you share which EA you are running and the setting.

    Happy Holiday


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End of the year, forex tax?