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Thread: Gan hilo Snake sma EA

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    Default Gan hilo Snake sma EA

    You could, please, make an EA with the two indicators attachments?
    When the two lines cross open buy or sell.
    He is always in the market, once long and a short time.
    I know that there are false signals, so that retraces (repainting?)
    I beg you not to see.
    At the first intersection signal has to work. Close the old location and the new one opens.
    I have to do many tests and then we will see later.
    The screenshots and the indicators are in the zip file.
    Thank you
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    Hi Romano,

    Please, read the conditions.

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    Default hi

    Quote Originally Posted by funyoo View Post
    Hi Romano,

    Please, read the conditions.
    I work at hand with this system.
    The system makes it.
    I want to test whether automatically make more.
    With an EA can work on many couples and stay in the market.
    I do not know what I can do to convince yourself.
    You can not just do nothing?
    Sorry for my english ...........

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