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Thread: Add a setting in an EA that makes a lot of money

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    Default Add setting in an EA that makes a lot of money


    I have an EA that makes a lot of money, to earn 100% in the month quietly, but he needs two changes, the EA is based on Martingale.

    First: Put a setting that when he loses a certain amount of money (that I can change this amount), it quits all open and pending orders and stop negotiating until I put it to work again.

    Second: Put a setting for EA to work on a specific time and that I can change that time.

    Appreciate the help!


    Excuse me for my English
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    Try this ..

    Good Luck
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    i wanted to try this ea with "only buy" or "only sell" option
    however, order sending error 4111 is given
    i guess it is because the ea is opening a buy and sell order together at the beginning
    any way to solve this problem???
    any one to help???


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