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Thread: RENKO trend trading EA

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    Default RENKO trend trading EA

    I'm trying this great EA, using as input only the option:
    extern string rbc ="---- RENK brick ---- inputs;
    extern int LookBackBricks = 2;

    and closed positions as only this option without any indicators:

    UseRenkoStopLoss extern bool = true;
    extern int StopLossBricks = 2;

    tests in that demo I'm doing I saw that open correctly the position aftertwo candles of the same color but rather the closure after two consecutivecandles the opposite color does not close the place ... it is possible tooperate properly
    the closing of open positions only with this option?
    Many Thanks .
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    Does Funyoo help out with coding eas in here? I was a member of the elite but it expired, he does that in the room alot. Thanks

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    Default Does this EA execute trades?

    Can I check with you if the EA execute trade automactically or do you need to do manually?

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    any updated news for this ea pls?

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    Folk, any update pls?

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RENKO trend trading EA