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Thread: EUR_H1 strategy (25 pips a day or more)

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    Default EUR_H1 strategy (25 pips a day or more)

    This is my 1st thread, i hope you enjoyed it.
    The strategy is trade on EUR/USD at TF H1 and help with this indicator :
    1. SMA 6 Open.
    2. SMA 6 Close
    3. C4_Charge (thank you to someone for sharing it to me ... )
    4. RVI Indicator (default)
    5. CCI 8 (thank you to someone for sharing it to me ... .

    I will attached the picture 1st, if anyone interested I will also share the indicator and template.

    NB : Anyone have RVI indicator with alert, I think can very helpful
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    Hi Rach...

    Looks interesting. Settings and rules of how the indicators filter the open and close signals would help. I guess the template will give the settings but the rules are important.


    Dave R.

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    Default The Rules

    Hello thanks for replying,
    This the rules, I hope I can explain well.
    1st. We look for the CCI_8 and the RVI, If they tell the positive way we go long. Means CCI_8 above zero and the RVI Green Line above Red Line.And for short just the other way.
    2nd after that we look for the SMA 6 open&close and the C4_Charge are cross... The main is you have to focus on the SMA 6 Close, it have to in the centered. You have to try it and you will see.
    That's it. I hope you understand my explanation. And this is the template, ohh i forgot the arrow thing on the pic i use ema crossing alert with parameter 1,2. I'll attache it to if someone don't have it.
    Thank you.
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    I forgot, the rules to close. I usually take 25 point... but if you want more you can see the RVI and CCI_8. as long they in the right place you can follow it. ok

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    You will have to post the C4_Charge Inidcator.

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    Default ooopppss sorry

    there you go....
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