I use Strategy Tester 99% data from 2008 to May 25, 2011 on WPR MA EA. Added is many demo
tests for last six weeks using Alpari UK.

This EA with my sets runs 6% losers to 94% winners average over high trade volume. The recovery
code works well if two or more winners are following a sole losing trade. With a loss followed by a second loss or in case of followed by only a single win and then incurring one or more losses, the
recovery multiplier doubles up, that is if recovery multiplier is default "3", it takes two or in some cases three wins to clear and make up the loss. The EA as coded does this as designed.

However, when the losing sequence at some point has more than one single loss spaced with following wins, it compounds the multiplier and has a super large loss which causes the recovery to never catch up and then the ultimate "crash". This is a sad end when the code could be added to include multiple loss cases.

Use WPR MA v1.02 from WPR Elite Section thread.

Thank any of you coders (Chris128, CodingChris, Safari_Forex, etc. Much appreciated.