I have an EA to share but need help posting it on this thread? The EA makes nice profits and uses a
combination progressive system of 16 steps. The first ten steps are martingale followed by six steps
of Fibonacci sequence starting with unit 89, the 10th or 11th step (depends on whether one uses the
classic lot start of 1,1,2.....or only 1,2) extending up to 987 lot size.

One can view my previous post re: WPR MA EA and note from my back tests and demo tests it has a
high win:loss ratio (94%:6%). I would like for this EA and any other very high w:l ratio EA's, the option to choose from more than one progressive system, but have the choice to use reverse rather than the traditional increase following a loss. I much prefer to have an EA which with fixed lots is a winner, then apply a progressive multiplier method to the mix.

Be nice to have the standard martingale array to 10 levels, the standard Fibonacci array starting with 1,1,2...., up to 20 levels, the standard Alembert array and the modified martingale-Fibronacci sequence described above.

Each mm method would have the choice of external set for no. of steps (levels) with the lot size returning to minimum after either hitting the user defined step to start over, or remain for a second
trade at the loss level if hit before the max step.

Essentially this is a recycling up and down lot management system for ONLY those EA's which have
a positive w:l ratio using only fixed lots!

Also, with the Fibonacci application one could choose to start with either 1,1 or 1,2,3 and with the Alembert application one could have a choice of winding down integer by integer traditionally or
going down after a loss to start over.

IMO moving to larger lot sizes needs to coincide with adding equity and leave the trader with using
winnings .....not digging into their pocket betting up after multiple losing trades just to get "killed"
in the end!

Let's make some $ !!!!

Thank you coders to make this happen!
P.S.-instruct me how to post the EA with t he combo marti-Fib array please!