Hello everyone and Mr. Funyoo,

I have an idea for an EA with the following conditions:

-Use Heiken Ashi only
-Time Filter

Open LONG conditions

1. First HA bar = white
First HA bar defined as the first bar after the HA color change

2. Second HA bar = white and without lower shadow and (optional: the bar range is within a min & max value).

3. Open LONG on the third bar open price

Close LONG
Close when the HA color change to red or TP/SL hit or the Open SHORT condition met

Open/Close SHORT condition = the opposite of LONG

The EA should only have one open position.

Highly appreciated if someone can create this EA so we can test it to see the performance. Any ideas to improve it will be great as I am sure that more filters can be added to find the best condition.

BTW, English is my second language...

Thanks & Regards,