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Thread: Manual forex trading

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    Question Manual forex trading

    Sometime, the automated trading is end in loss due to early designed programs, not adopted to the new trading strategy.... What are all the tricks you know to run the trade to prevent from the mistakes?

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    Do you think manual is best? Share your tips to protect the forex trade from manual errors!

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    Its best but its more best in automated cause its less hassle... and you can trade anywhere...

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    What do you mean by early designed programs? This sounds a bit ancient, except if you have no clue what an EA is and how it works. The majority of people that create trading robots, simply want to make sure that their emotions are not the ones making the trading decisions. And they are traders.
    Secondly, there is no EA which really works on ALL market conditions, this is why a robot which can today bring you 1k profit can get you to a stop out tomorrow.
    Make sure you create an overview of this world before complaining that you're losing all your money because of manual or automated trading.

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