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    Default ATRA FISHER


    I'm a developer and working in this cockpit. with here I use drag and drop, trailing stop, the behavior of the news pars, all in one screen.

    Today I publish may not finished work and his name is ATRA-FISHER II.

    To install please download and past the files into their respective folders.

    EA-Vini22 AtraFisher
    Indicator AtraFisher
    Indicator AtraNews
    Indicator MA - I just modify this indicator to send news
    Indicator MMR - I just modify this indicator to send news
    Templete - ATRAFISHER.tpl

    I advise not working with GRID's because I'm still working on this and not work in real account, I work in real account because I know all limitation of sistem, if you want to do the same get to know the system well before it.

    Other day I write a help, today I just publish my cockipt how I work all days.

    This not work alone like EA, this is for you decide where buy or sell in a visual strategy etc;

    ATRA FISHER-atrafisher-png
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