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Thread: Something interesting, post here

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    Default Something interesting, post here

    Here is QuickFib, an auto fibo indicator. Slightly modified to enter the wanted number of bars for the calculation.

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    Indicator that shows arrows when the high/low breaks the highest/lowest value of the "Candles" previous bars.

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    Default P4L Clock

    // Copy this file to: C:/Program Files/--your-MT4-directory-here---/experts/indicators/
    // Review the "extern" variable settings below. Change as desired, then restart MT4 or do "Compile" in MetaEditor.
    // Open a chart and add this indicator. Assuming you compiled with the "extern" defaults you prefer,
    // you shouldn't need to change any of the defaults, *except* one: (FOR "P4L Clock.mq4" ONLY!)
    // This Version requires "Allow DLL Imports" to be set under the Common Tab when you add this to a chart!
    // FYI, the DLLs retrieve the local CPU clock time and timezone info as well as world timezone info.
    // A word of caution: You can see my entire source code and what the DLL's do which should be harmless.
    // Personally, I *never* enable DLL's on any binary .EX4 file because I don't trust what the program might do.
    // For all I know, it could be sending out very private information about me or my account!
    // NOTE! The world timezone times are only as accurate as your LOCAL CPU CLOCK or, if variable
    // Broker_MMSS_Is_Gold_Standard=True, your Broker's clock! At least verify your own clock and set it accurately!
    // NOTE! Your Broker time is independent of your local CPU clock and, though unlikely, may change at any time.

    (Thanks go to the previous authors for their ideas and implementation which I have further enhanced.)

    Please report any issues/problems...


    Something interesting, post here-p4l-clock-wait4bar-jpg

    Something interesting, post here-p4l-clock-display-details-jpg
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    Default Forex Insider

    Forex Insider - The Best Forex Indicator

    Live Data From MyFxbook API

    Info on 70+ Symbols!

    Real Traded Volume!

    Real Number of positions!

    Average Long/Short Prices as Levels!

    Something interesting, post here-metatrader-myfxbook-api-indicator-screen-4-png

    Forex Insider is a truly unique Trading Tool which allows you to see the positions of other currency traders. Until now, only institutional traders had access to such data which gave them a serious advantage over retail traders because of obvious reasons. With Forex Insider, you too will finally know what other traders are doing which makes it easy to beat them on the forex battlefield.

    Data comes from MyFxbook Community Outlook data feed and is based on up to 100 000 live trading positions and includes the following information:

    Short vs. Long - Positions Ratio in Percent
    Short vs. Long - Positions Volume
    Short vs. Long - Number of Positions
    Average Short Price
    Average Long Price
    As the data is updated every 60 seconds, the information provided by Forex Insider gives you a unique insight of what other currency traders are doing. The result is a strategic advantage which allows the user to stay away from risky trades and pick trades with high win probability.

    Professional traders who helped us to beta-test Forex Insider reported that the tool had helped them to increase profits and win rate dramatically while decreasing monitoring time and drawdowns.

    it's free EA


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    Default MTF volume

    indicator which helps to detect Volume Breakouts at the market and can also be used to confirm the signal.

    Something interesting, post here-allvolumeavg_1-png
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    Default NEW MTF CANDLE

    Here is a version of Custom candles - any time frame that has an option to draw wicks as boxes (also it works in the new metatrader 4 too without a need to be compiled in build 509). Example : BoxedWicks set to true and FilledCandles set to true
    Attached Images Attached Images Something interesting, post here-custom_candles-jpg 
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    Default MA ribbon with alert + MTF

    MA ribbon with alert + MTF

    Something interesting, post here-2016-10-04_223051-jpg
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    Default multi pairs spread monitor

    multi pairs spread monitor

    Something interesting, post here-2016-10-04_192422-jpg
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    Default FFx Universal Strength Meter PRO

    FFx Universal Strength Meter PRO is more than a basic strength meter. Instead of limiting the calculation to price, it can be based on any of the 19 integrated strength modes + 9 timeframes. With the FFx USM, you are able to define any period for any combination of timeframes. For example, you can set the dashboard for the last 10 candles for M15-H1-H4 Full flexibility!

    Very easy to interpret... It gives a great idea about which currency is weak and which is strong, so you can find the best pairs to be traded in good confidence.

    Example: If EUR is strong and USD is weak, then you can look for long entries on your EURUSD chart.

    It also includes an alert when specific currencies reach strong or weak levels.

    Something interesting, post here-2016-10-02_214646-jpg

    User Inputs
    Strength Mode: here you can select the mode you want to use for the strength calculation ... (Price, Moving Average, MACD, Stochastic, RSI, WPR, Momentum, CCI, ADX, PSAR, DeMarker, AC, AO, Bulls, Bears, Ichimoku, Force Index, OsMA, RVI). Of course, each indicator has its own usual inputs to be set as per your need. Switching between modes can be done directly from the chart!
    Strength Period: this number is the number of candles used for the calculation. You can set any number from 1 to whatever you want...
    Strength Timeframes: multiple timeframes can be combined together, so the strength will be MTF (1=M1 .. 5=M5 .. 15=M15 .. 30=M30 .. 60=H1 .. 240=H4 .. 1440=Daily .. 10080=Weekly .. 43200=Monthly).
    Symbol prefix/suffix: if your broker provides symbols like xxxEURUSDyyy, just add the xxx in prefix and yyy in suffix.
    Horizontal/Vertical Shift: you can set here any number to place the dashboard anywhere on the chart.
    Strong/Weak Levels: from 1 to 10, when levels are reached, it can give an alert (popup/sound/email/push) and color the currency for a clear visual. Alert can be activated/deactivated directly on the chart by clicking on the "bell" icon (at least one alert option must be enabled in the parameters).
    Then all usual parameters for the standard indicators like provided in your MT4 platform.
    The dashboard can be displayed in a compact mode, to monitor only two currencies for the current chart.
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    Default overlay chart (drag the symbol name where you want it on chart)

    Indicator allows you to draw the graph in the main window of any instrument, any period **, dopchart can be moved to any point of the window (move the marker TXT) graphics can be compressed, stretched (vertically) and invert

    Something interesting, post here-2012-12-09_005240-1-jpg

    Something interesting, post here-multi_charts-jpg

    Set the KoefJPY parameter to 0.01

    * It is based on Instrument2.mq4 by Denis Orlov
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