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    Hi guys,
    I have three indicators, which I find very good, but it lacks the alarme this, in a separate window come up and me the signal display and in what currency and what time and what direction.
    it should be the only indicators to rise an extra window with a short sound and then everything is what is important.
    Could that someone for me that would be really great, because the indicators with alarm but do not work, I have already tested.
    Had really great for someone who can will not be a problem.
    I would be very grateful to you.

    Greeting Martin

    P.S. The Silver Trend Indicator is an alarm but comes nonstop without stopping, it would be super if the message only once and does not constantly hear the yes garnicht more.
    Had really great if it would go quickly, because I need it quickly, because I still have to run tests on.
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    can give me any help would be really great.

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