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    Default Trading with Ichimoku - ichi360V5

    Iíve finished the testing for new version of ichi360 Indicator, this is the Version 5 with following improvements:

    1. It uses TickValue from the Broker to calculate the Profit Loss, previously it used a fixed value of 10$
    2. It can now accept Mini Lots, you just need to replace 0.1 instead of 1.0 in the Lots section of Properties box
    3. The text will be shown in White Color if you selecte the BlackChartBackground Proprty to True
    4. New Bias shown in Text: Kijun Bias
    5. New Bias shown in Text: Price v/s Kijun Bias
    6. Shows Arrows for the Suggested Trade Direction
    7. Arrow size and Direction based on the Strength of Signal
    8. On Screen (and Audio) Alert for the Trade Suggestions

    Feel free to download and try the new version.

    For Those who believe Ichimoku can not be used for Scalping, Iíve attached a Trade Example on 15min Timeframe Ö It certainly can do what you want, the only condition is that all the signals must be confirming each other
    Attached Images Attached Images Trading with Ichimoku - ichi360V5-ichi360v5_example001-png Trading with Ichimoku - ichi360V5-ichi360v5_example002-png Trading with Ichimoku - ichi360V5-ichi360v5_scalping-png Trading with Ichimoku - ichi360V5-ichi360v5_alertbox-png 
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    Default Thx!!!

    Hey Ichi360,

    thanks that you have upgraded your indi. Amazing work.

    I have sent a pm to you as i have a little question. Would be nice if you give me a short answer

    Kind regards


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    Default ichi360

    Thanks ichi360! I've always used the ichimoku and now it's a little easier. Please keep me updated.

    thanks longbarder61

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    Is there an available EA for this exact indicator from ichi360? I can't find the exact EA on the elite section.

    Ichi360, if you have an ea version of this indicator please let me know how could I avail of it, I am really very much interested on getting an ea based on your indi. Thanks.

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    i have a question about the arrows and the crossovers.
    When or how often will they (the screen) updated when a bullish or bearish signal will be activated?

    Which pair is the best to trade or will be trading on all pairs good?
    In wich Timeframe will be traded at best?

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    Just wondering if an EA has been produced from Ichi 306

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    Hello Boarders and Ichi360,
    Ever since I came across the Ichimoku system some time back, I have tried to implement and test it in various conditions with some degree of consistency ( though manually of course). It works with the majors very well in the H4 TF and for the metals I use the H1 TF placing bids once the price goes lower or higher than both the TS and KS and the trailing stoploss is the KS line. All this irrespective of the cloud and Chinkou Span.
    Kindly check this info and try to incorporate it in the system ( specially the trailing stoploss method, it works excellent).

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