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Thread: can any1 plz help me with the description indicator ?

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    Default can any1 plz help me with the description indicator ?

    Dear funyoo
    Dear Guys....

    Can any one please help me to make an indicator which can calculate the number of times the market price went up and down every bar....

    As for example....

    Eur/usd : a market opened at 1.32471 and on the same bar it went to 1.32541 so i want the indicator to work as how many times the the price went up and down both...

    Sometimes the market price jumps directly from 1.32471 to 1.32476 and comes back to the same position 1.32471 like ... 1.32476 - 1.32475 - 1.32474 - 1.32473 - 1.32472 and then 1.32471 ....

    In this above example the price went 1 time up and 5-6 times down...

    So i just want to calculate how many times it went up and down ....

    Every new cycle will start after a new bar is opened and will close at the close of the bar....

    Please guys help me with this indicator it will definitely help to see the strength and the fastest way to check whether the trend is changing or not....

    Thankx in advance guys.....

    Will be eagerly waiting for your response....
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