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Thread: modify SSL_fast_sBar_alert_mtf.mq4

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    Default modify SSL_fast_sBar_alert_mtf.mq4


    Can you please modify this indicator to peg the value of the indicator at the close of the current chart bar time frame?

    For example; if I am using this in a M5 chart with the MTF M15, then I am asking for a line to be added to the indicator that pegs the M15 indicator value every 5 minutes. If the pegged value is long or green then please use a continuous line at 75 for long and 25 for short or red to display the pegged value. The purpose of this is to see if there is any real time value to a MTF indicator and to see how it has changed from real time to the close of the bar in the higher time frame. I suspect that there is some value and I hope you can help me with this.

    Please identify the new indicator as SSL_fast_sBar_alert_mtfp.mq4 (I added the p at the end of mtf to indicate pegged).

    Thank you so much for all your help.

    Regards, Tim
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modify SSL_fast_sBar_alert_mtf.mq4