TrueTL - True Trendline Indicator
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Thread: TrueTL - True Trendline Indicator

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    “you asked, we made it”

    More payment options and newsletter are available from now.

    TrueTL - True Trendline Indicator

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    Were asking for an EA next...

    Quote Originally Posted by Styan View Post
    “you asked, we made it”

    More payment options and newsletter are available from now.

    TrueTL - True Trendline Indicator

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    sma 20-50 and LinearRegressionChannel 20-50 is enough to see the trend....
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    Quote Originally Posted by ElectricSavant View Post
    Were asking for an EA next...
    On the distant future maybe...

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    The example menu is renewed on the site:

    How To Build Your Trendline Strategy With TrueTL?

    We're just showing a possible way to begin...

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    Default New addon indicator: RSI Trendline

    We are happy to announce the second additional indicator. It's draw all trendline automatically on the RSI indicator window.

    Look at the pictures on the website, they are say more about our RSI Trendline Indicator.

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    We collected some resource on the website. We hope this can help you to learn more about the trendlines which is indispensable and traditional tool for a serious trader.

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    New features on our website!

    If you have a quick question for us, then you can do it. You can CHAT with us on homepage.

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    The 1.3 version is released:

    • Improved offline chart compatibility (useful for such as Renko Chart, Point & Figure Chart, etc.)
    • User notification on the chart (such as your subscription expire soon or a new update is released)

    From now, you can download the latest update from the website.

    Special thanks to some customers who participated in the beta testing with different indicators.

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    Default TrueTL 1.4 is Released!

    We are happy because many of our client's request performed in the new 1.4 version of TrueTL indicator.

    New features:
    • Candle-body option: TrueTL is able to ignore the candle's high/low, and draws the trendline that is aligned to the candle's body. You can set this option with the "candle-body" switch.
    • Corrected scale on RSI Trendline: From now, RSI Trendline indicator shows the standard scale of RSI (0-100). You can set your favorite levels on the chart (such as 30 / 70).
    • New addon indicator - CCI Trendline: CCI trendline indicator which draws all trendline automatically in the CCI indicator window.

    On the homepage you can find the settings with description. The update page contains new features and sample pictures.

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TrueTL - True Trendline Indicator