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Thread: TrueTL - True Trendline Indicator

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    Default Custom Programming

    We love challenges, our products prove this. If you have a small idea, or a huge dream, we can help you to reach it. If you are looking for the strongest ex4 protection, we can help you too.

    The new CUSTOM menu contains more information about our possibilities.

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    Default TrueTL 1.5 is Released!

    We've finished the most radical development so far: there are two new options to make even less disturbing trendlines and clearer charts. The current version of TrueTL is much different than the first release, thanks to the continuous development.

    What's new in TrueTL 1.5:

    • Lazy redraw option: The pattern recognition algorithm is the heart of TrueTL. It determines the trendline-redrawing. We improved this algorithm in version 1.1 and we never stopped developing. From now, TrueTL contains the even more upgraded algorithm, and this new "Lazy redraw option", which shows safer trendline breakout.
    • Cut trendline ending: Cut the trendline ending, when it's broken.
    • And of course the regular bugfix and optimization...

    On the homepage you can find all settings with description. The update page contains all new features and sample pictures.

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    We never stop the evolution. The 1.5 version of TrueTL is much different than the first release, so we had to make a new user's guide video with old and new features.

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    TrueTL 1.55 is Released!

    We migrated to two servers, so from now, the TrueTL has a redundant connection for the calculation. If the main calculation server is not responding, TrueTL is going to change the settings, and requests the necessary calculation from a different server. It's proceed in the background automatically and quickly, you won't notice it.

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    You can download two indicators for free from our website:

    Stepless MTF RSI Indicator
    Stepless MTF CCI Indicator

    Enjoy it!

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    Default TrueTL 1.6 is Released!

    We are pleased to announce the new version of our indicators.

    What's new in TrueTL 1.6:

    • Automatic username storing: If you type your username into any TrueTL indicator, you don't need anymore to type in again, because all of the indicators will remember.
    • RSI and CCI trendline goes multi timeframe: You can watch other timeframe's indicator values, without switching between the timeframes. You can set timeframe of the indicator to: 0 = Timeframe used on the chart, 1 = M1, 5 = M5, 15 = M15, 60 = H1, 240 = H4, 1440 = D1, 10080 = W1, 432200 = MN1.
    • Other improvements for RSI and CCI trendline:
      - Cut TL Ending: cut the trendline's ending when it's broken.
      - RSI Width: specify the width of the RSI and CCI lines
      - Trendline Width: specify the width of the trendlines

    Whats new from 1.01 version:

    • Improved candle stick recognition, and new switchable algorithm for redrawing (Lazy redraw)
    • Switchable option for draws trendlines to candle's high/low or candle's body
    • Offline chart compatibility
    • Filter the duplicated/narrow trendlines
    • Cut trendline ending

    And so well as RSI and CCI trendline...

    On the homepage you can find all settings with description. The update page contains all new features and sample pictures, from the first release.

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    Default TrueTL 1.61 is Released!

    We made a speed improvements, and minor bugfix on the TrueTL indicators. The only new feature is the fully customizable styles. From now, you can set freely any styles of the lines (color, width, line style) in any TrueTL indicators.

    On the homepage you can find all settings with description. The update page contains all new features and sample pictures, from the first release.

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    Default TrueTL 1.7 is Released!

    We are proud to announce the new version of our indicator. Lot of people requested a more customizable alert functions for the main TrueTL indicator, and the integrated alert functions for the RSI Trendline and CCI Trendline indicators. We made it, so from now, all of the indicators has an integrated and fully customizable alert functions which works with all of the tredlines and horizontal lines (not only TrueTL's) on the chart or RSI-CCI Trendline indicator's window.

    You can find the settings on the HOME page, and the complete changelog on the UPDATE page.

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    Default TrueTL 1.75 is Released

    We are proud to announce this very useful new feature: multi timeframe redraw.

    Until now: TrueTL drew trendlines in multi timeframe, but the redraw depended on the actual timeframe's candle sticks.
    From this version: you can adjust the timeframe for redraw. So for example you can use h1's trendlines in m5 (with detailed break and backtest movements).

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    COMING SOON: RSI and CCI Divergence Indicators

    Otherwise we've just revamped our website for the better look and transparency.

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