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Thread: TrueTL - True Trendline Indicator

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    Default TrueTL 1.8 is Released!

    The highly anticipated DIVERGENCE INDICATORS are released!

    RSI and CCI Divergence Indicator, without the general problems of the other free or not free divergence indicators (inaccurate peak/bottom detection, divergence line draws over the candle-body, etc). It's calculate with the last 300 bars, and use a basic candle pattern and divergence slope filtering.

    NON REPAINTING: the arrow will appear when the trigger candle is closed, but we have to use any filtering method (on the EXAMPLE page we mentioned some tips).

    Go to the indicator page...

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    Default FREE Indicators

    New version of FREE indicators are released.

    More info and download...

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    very good indicator

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    Default TrueTL 1.81 is Released!

    We made a minor optimization and compiled our indicators to 445 build MT4. The only new feature is a small notification icon. From now, the alert messages (license expire soon, update released, etc.) will not reserve huge place on the chart, It only shows a small icon. If you move over the mouse pointer you can read the message.

    Some major plan (that we are working on) for the 2013 year:

    • S/R level function for all indicators
    • More trendline drawing algorithm
    • Trend direction indicator (based on accurate peak/bottom detection)
    • Stochastic, MACD, and other trendline and divergence indicator
    • Backtest ability for all indicators, multi timeframe ability for divergence indicators (as the main True Trendline Indicator has)
    • Improve server communication and redundancy
    • Extend our EXAMPLE page to a compact and informative site, where the beginners can read about useful and basically required things (money management, candle patterns, S/R levels and other basic tools, entry filtering methods, psychology), not about the dead end.
    • And many other things based on our and the client's ideas.

    Stay tuned with our newsletter or with our social network pages.

    We wish you a Happy and Successful New Year!

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    Default TrueTL 1.82 is Released! - Stochastic Trendline and Divergence

    We are proud to announce these awaited new addon indicators:

    • Stochastic Trendline (with MTF and alert ability)
    • Stochastic Divergence (with alert ability)

    These indicators are similar than RSI-CCI Trendline and Divergence, but with Stochastic.

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    TrueTL 1.83 is Released!

    The two new features are based on many customer's requests:

    Improved alert functions: New alert function in the main trendline indicator (coming soon in addon indicators): from now, you can set an alert when the indicator is redrawing the trendlines, and their positions are changing. Furthermore, the alert message contains the type of alerted trendlines. For example, you will know if a broken trendline is a Normal / Long / 3Touch / Narrow trendline.

    Line Chart compatibility: The Metatrader has three chart mode: Bar chart, Candlesticks, and Line Chart. Until now TrueTL worked with the first two, but from now it can draw the trendlines on the Metatrader's Line Chart.

    You can find the complete changelog on the UPDATE page.

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    Default FREE Indicators

    3 new FREE Indicators have been released on the website:

    • Stepless, colored and multi timeframe MA
    • Stepless, colored and multi timeframe Stochastic
    • Stepless, colored and multi timeframe Williams %P

    Detailed description and quick download on the Metatrader Indicators page...

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    We are happy to announce our two new addon indicators:

    -Williams %R Trendline (with MTF and alert functions
    -Williams %R Divergence (with alert functions)

    One new feature for all indicators:

    Smarter Update Method: From now, all TrueTL indicators have a simple file name without version number. If a new update is released, simply you can overwrite the indicator's files (automatically with our installer or you can do it manually from the zip file), and you can use continuosly the new indicators with your saved template and settings. The indicator settings panel's first field contains the actual version number.

    We extended the EXAMPLE page with detailed description of our two trading strategies.

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    TrueTL 1.85 is Released!

    Two new options for the divergence indicators:
    - Line Chart: you can switch the indicators to draws divergence lines to the MT4's Line Chart.
    - Candle Body Filter: until now our indicators filtered automatically the divergence lines that go over the candle-bodies. From now you can turn off this filtering if you would like to.

    The EXAMPLE page is extended with a very important part of forex trading. We give you a short description and some advice about the Risk Management, including the placement of Stop Loss, the RR Ratio, the Lot size calculation, etc. We believe that no one can be a successful trader without this knowledge.

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