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Thread: TrueTL - True Trendline Indicator

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    I use this and I'm more than happy with it, although not a trading system in itself
    it's the best trend line indicator I've come across.
    I use it for confirmation etc.

    forex trading
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    Default MTF Divergences - TrueTL 1.86 is Released!

    We are proud to announce this awaited function for the divergence indicators:

    MULTI TIMEFRAME ABILITY FOR DIVERGENCE INDICATORS: You can watch indicator values of a higher timeframe without switching between the chart's timeframes. You can set timeframe of the indicator as follows: 0 = the timeframe used on the chart, 1=M1, 5=M5, 15=M15, 60=H1, 240=H4, 1440=D1, 10080=W1, 432200=MN1. IMPORTANT: The arrows will appear only when the higher timeframe's candle is closed to make sure that the candle’s configuration is validated and the divergence is fine.

    You can find the complete changelog and DOWNLOAD the latest version on the UPDATE page. IMPORTANT: The current version will run under 509 build (or later) MT4.

    On the EXAMPLE page you can find many useful advice about the forex trading.

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    Default MACD Trendline and MACD Divergence Indicators

    We are happy to announce these long awaited indicators:

    - MACD Trendline (with MTF and alert functions)
    - MACD Divergence (with MTF and alert functions)

    You can find the new features and DOWNLOAD the latest version on the UPDATE page.

    Moreover you can download for FREE these new indicators from the Metatrader Indicators page:

    - FREE MTF MACD Indicator (stepless and colored)
    - FREE MTF Bollinger Indicator (stepless and colored)

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    Thanks a lot
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    I can't ever see a fully automated EA which can make profit in a long term and consistently in any market situation. My friends also can't see (We have many...).

    The major problem with the EAs that they can't manage the position. A simple preliminary placed SL and TP or a trailing stop can't fits to the market situation. It's requires more complex algorithm as the entries also. Our indicators can bring the hope for a good EA, because they are accurate and highly useful for the manual trading, but (as we mentioned on our EXAMPLE page) they requires some filtering (S/R levels, peak/bottom and risk/reward analysis, etc.)

    We know that the most people want an EA, but while we can't make a breakthrough in these aspects, we don't want to make any unusable software...
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    New FREE indicator is released: MTF OSMA Indicator

    From now we have 8 FREE indicators:
    - MTF RSI
    - MTF CCI
    - MTF Stochastic
    - MTF Williams %R
    - MTF MACD
    - MTF OSMA
    - MTF MA
    - MTF Bollinger

    Common properties:
    - Multi timeframe ability
    - Stepless mode: eliminate the steps what causes the multi timeframe function
    - Highly configurable style settings (colors, color mode, histogram mode, etc.)
    - Low system requirements


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    Default OSMA Trendline and OSMA Divergence Indicators - TrueTL 1.88 is Released

    Two new highly awaited indicators are released:
    - OSMA Trendline Indicator (with MTF and alert functions)
    - OSMA Divergence Indicator (with MTF and alert functions)

    Two new requested improvements for all indicators:
    - Custom style (color and symbol) for the divergence indicator's arrows
    - Separate icon for the update and license-expiry notifications and text message for others

    You can find all of our FREE and purchasable indicators on the INDICATOR page. You can find the changelog on the UPDATE page where our customers can download the latest version.

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    Just in time...

    Tryout TrueTL Indicators for FREE with our beta test program.

    We have reached an important milestone with our development and before final release, we would like to make certain of the faultless operation of the new server-side application with a beta testing program.

    Read More

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    Default Free Indicator

    New FREE indicator is released: MTF Fractal Indicator. With "Extend Line" function the indicator shows each previous fractal point with a horizontal line until a candle closes it over.


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    Default Triangle Mode (only two trendlines) - TrueTL 1.89 is Released

    TrueTL 1.89 is Released!

    We are proud to announce this awaited function for the True Trendline Indicator:

    Triangle Mode: In this mode True Trendline Indicator analyses the whole chart, then selects and draws only the two nearest trendlines: upper and lower. Basically TrueTL draws all possible trendlines to use for many things: entry, entry-filtering, R/R calculation, SL / TP price, etc. The "Triangle Mode" is ideal if you are looking for an entry only. It's worth to try it out with "Lazy Redraw" option.

    You can find the changelog on the UPDATE page where our customers can download the latest version.

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