My more than 100% profit in 9 days
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Thread: My more than 100% profit in 9 days

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    Lol over the last 2 1/2 years I have made investors over 1.2million (had 4million deleted by various brokers from swiss bank and BOJ interventions) on only 70k in deposits. Who else can claim that as a fact? NO ONE. What have you done? Michael's account lost 10-15% of a $50 penny account with the most dodgy broker of all time (Weltrade). He asked me I can't tell you how many times to trade an account for him but I couldn't because he used crappy brokers. He had administrative login to one of my CNS servers for over for over a year without asking for a dime! I wanted to give him a chance. Did you mention that? No. I completely changed the system and tested it on his broker on another live account and it did quite well it and it made 200% over the next 3 days after Michael cried over a small drawdown. I told him just wait, it's OK. Michael is a smart guy but he needs to stop thinking and just trade. He is too caught up on the "puppeteers" and market manipulations. I blocked him because he's annoying and crazy. All he talks about is market manipulations and "wowwww why is eurusd moving 150 pips today? It's a conspiracy" I'll gladly send him $5 dollars on paypal. If you've been there done that why are you wasting your time talking crap to me? Go trade.

    Let's have a trading competition, fund a $5,000 account anywhere, any broker and at the end of a month whoever has the highest balance takes the total winnings. You're nothing, you're no one around here, you sign up for a profile here behind some alias so you can run your mouth? How much have you made in capital markets?

    Oh and "dodgy broker"? LOL any fx retail trading account with ANY broker will be a "dodgy account" "Umm hello mr. broker sir, can I please have an ECN account with bank like spreads for $500 margin?" GKFX is dodgy? XTB is dodgy? FXCM is dodgy? IBFX is dodgy? The best broker/liquidity provider I have worked with is Fyshe Horton Finney. NO matter how many trades, what type of trading, no questions are or ever were asked.

    I have an algorithm that can arb LMAX liquidity (Armada markets is the MT4 WL) using a proprietary algorithm of Olsen data, 6E front month contract and integral liquidity. LMAX liquidity leads to the upside when EURUSD is in melt-up mode and you can arb just about any retail fx broker on EURUSD, EURCAD, and EURAUD just knowing that. But you've been there and done that so you already know all this. Good luck to you, I have no ill-will. When you're bitter at the world and can't man up and accept responsibility for your own choices you develop a scarcity mentality. I hope you can look into your heart and find the courage.

    "The fiercest revenge happens when your enemy is forced to admit that you're the good guy and he's the bad one" -Razvan and Vidra
    Think of adversity as that tiny piece of sand that gets trapped in the oyster's shell. Although it's a pain in the oyster's arse, he eventually makes a pearl out of it. -- Quantitative Market Reversal Levels --- The only indicator you'll ever need.

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    Hi bigpipn,

    Can i follow your trading somewhere?
    I want to invest.

    Regards, Ivo

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My more than 100% profit in 9 days