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Thread: Please help for add MA filter for an existing EA

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    Default Please help for add MA filter for an existing EA

    Hi expert members,

    Please help to code MA filter for this source code!

    int CalculaSignal(int aux_range, double aux_price, double aux_index, int aux_shift)
    int aux=0;

    double f1=iCustom(Symbol(),0,"Fisher M11",aux_range,aux_price,aux_index,0,aux_shift);
    double f2=iCustom(Symbol(),0,"Fisher M11",aux_range,aux_price,aux_index,0,aux_shift+1) ;

    // Valores de retorno
    // 1. Compra
    // 2. Compra Seņal
    // 3. Venta
    // 4. Venta Seņal
    if (f1>0 && f2<0) aux=1;
    if (f1<0 && f2>0) aux=2;


    The buy order should be triggering above SMA(varies), and sell order triggered below SMA oppositely.

    This EA is from, I found out the Fisher M11 indicator is good, and was playing a period of time, but in order of avoiding bad trade, use MA filter could be a good solution.

    I will share both setting and FT, after somebody help to the MA filtering.

    Thanks in advance!


    also attach original EA
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