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    Good Morning,

    Wondering if someone can help me out.

    I have been using the very useful attached script in my trading.

    I would really like for a few key actions to be added to it if someone with coding skills wouldn't mind?

    1. I would like the pending orders to expire after a chosen period. This could either be done via an input at time of placing or by me changing some code and saving with a different name each time. My coding is so basic i can just about amend the code at the start which changes lot sizes etc!

    2. Based on the time frame i set i would like the comments field to be populated with the title of the script plus the set expiration timeframe.

    3. Once the orders have expired then all objects should also be removed. In fact, i am not so bothered about the arrows etc been on from the start, can they be removed from even been placed?

    I understand this is work for someone for nothing in return so if you can help me out on that basis i would be really grateful!

    Shout if anyone has any questions, thanks in advance.
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Expiration - Pending Order Script