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Thread: Help turning a singal custum indicator into an ea

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    Default Help turning a singal custum indicator into an ea

    I have a custom indicator that shows blue dots when to buy and red dots to sell. Basically I want an ea made that will load the indicator then place the trade for the colored dot and on the next colored dot, open that trade while closing the previous trade only if the trade is different as in the previous was a buy and the new is a sell. If the previous is a buy and the new is a buy then no trades will be closed. I have been monitoring these signals in a demo and all together they get me 2000 - 2600 pips in a full 24 hours of trading. However, to achieve that a human would litterally have to sit at the computer all day monitoring and waiting for the next signal. If there is a coder out there that would like to code the ea for me, then obviously he will get to keep a copy for himself and make some serious money.

    the only inputs for the ea I need are a lot size input, stop loss, take profit ( for scalping the pairs ).

    Spent around $900 in indicators before i got this one that works.

    send ,me a pm if your interested.

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    Default take on

    I will like to work at it, even if it produces half of the results you mention.

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    Default Help turning a singal custum indicator into an ea

    this indicator make us eay to trade, the value of this EA around 90-100usd.

    From my experience if it really makes it better to trade then 100 is a very small price. I have spent money on books and programs to help me trade and they were a great investment. In the long run they saved me alot more money than I paid for them.

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