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Thread: Need coding help to make trade copier

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    Default Need coding help to make trade copier

    hello sir,

    i want to make a trade copier,

    1) i just want to use the user32.dll, but i dont understand how to use this dll. there are many function and parameter in dll ,what parameter i sent i cant understand and which are needed i cant understand.

    2) how to grab data from a website and insert into a is also using dll like wininet.dll, and use four function. but i cant understand what parameters i should pass in function.

    if anyone have kind of trade copier or ea in mql4 version please share.

    and i aslo want the attention of funyoo please give me some suggestion or coding help

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    Hi 43iamsuman2,

    You can find some solutions here :

    Free forex trade copier

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    i want to make ea like trade copier. i want to use a dll, like windows user32.dll bcoz i found many of them use it.they used two func of this dll

    #import "user32.dll"
    int PostMessageA(int hWnd,int Msg,int wParam,int lParam);
    int RegisterWindowMessageA(string lpString);

    my question is,
    1) what parameter i send to with this function like int PostMessageA(what,what,what,what).

    2) i read somethings like 10milisecond execution , what i that, is this possible using this dll only.

    3) i want some example how this dll works with the code, is that use only in the import section or it has any other uses.

    plaese give some coding example or any tradecopier in mql4 version.

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