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Thread: Add Email Alert to Trix4Kids Indicator

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    Default Add Email Alert to Trix4Kids Indicator

    Hi, can someone be so kind to assist me. I'm trying to add an email alert to this indicator, but with certain conditions. When applying the indicator to your chart you will see the at certain stages an arrow appear. I would like an email alert when this arrow appear. However, the alert must only be sent once the current candle has closed. For example: If you look at this on the M15 chart you might see an arrow, but the arrow can disappear and re-appear while the 15 minute candle forms. Once the candle close and the arrow stays then it will not re-paint and this is when I require an email alert.

    I can add a normal email alert, but under these conditions I'm struggling and would require some assistance.

    Would really be appreciated.

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    Hello, are you find to make Trix4Kids with alert. I have need for it too. Thank you.

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