Tops and bottoms, is it possible?
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Thread: Tops and bottoms, is it possible?

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    Default Tops and bottoms, is it possible?

    Hi all,

    I'm new to the Mql4 language but have some knowledge on c++ programming, yet i find mql a bit touh language. I read some tutorials but they are worthless :/

    So, i have an idea for an EA but i need some help.
    My questions:
    1) is it possible that the ea will save 2 past events on an array and compare them to the bars on wich those events occured? e.g - stochastic moved upwards and made a high and then crossed downwards. That cross when both %k = %d for example 78.36% will be put in an array called cd[1] (cross down). the second cross ( from down to up) will be saved on an array cu[1] (cross up). Then it compares the arrays between themselves.

    If cd[1]>cd[2] then do another compare
    Else cd[1]==cd[2]

    plz if anyone can help me on this one, i can explain all the logic behind the ea, post here or pm me

    Sorry for my english.
    With regards Dan.

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    Ok, to be more understandable, the question is how do i take data from a stochastic oscillator or 2 different movin averages into an array of my choice?
    And how can i order the ea take data from a price bar occured at a relevant event e.g cross of the 2 ma's?

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Tops and bottoms, is it possible?