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    Could anyone help me with the code for this strategy?


    First case

    Using any indicator open an order (Buy or Sell)


    The close is the take profit.

    Second case and after

    If the price go against the opened order direction for the same take profit amount, another order will be opened with a lot value that should be 1.5 higher ( if possible one should have a way to adjust this externaly)


    When the price come back to the right direction the close will be at the open price of the last open order more any value of swap and comission.

    thanks in advance for the help

    Luis Neves

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    Sounds like you are looking for a simple martingale with adjustable lot, and limit to one open order....with the first order using an indicator... There are many EA's already out there.. Just search Martingale. Warning they make big money and will wipe you out in a heartbeat LOL.

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    This sounds like a combination of a Grid and Martingale. As BillR says, it's very dangerous but you could have a lot of fun along the way.

    There's already a thread on this board explaining how to add a Martingale - Add a martingale

    There are also several threads about grids and the permutations for adding positions are numerous. I think you'd be better to use the search to locate them all imo.

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Multiple order ea